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Indian attire is diverse, and there are many different options available. One of the favorites of women all over India is the cotton salwar kameez. There is another excellent variant –  the cotton silk version. Cotton and cotton silk are both lightweight and superior materials for summer wear.

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The Salwar Kameez

The salwar kameez is also known as a Punjabi suit and is popularly worn in Punjab and parts of Pakistan. However, it is now worn all over India and is very popular among women. The salwar kameez is elegant attire and looks good in almost any situation. It can be dressy as well as casual wear.

The salwar is usually like a pantaloon. It is tied at the waist, is loose around the thighs and legs, and ends in a slightly tight band on the ankle. The current trend is to wear a bottom that looks slightly like a trouser but ends just above the ankles.

The kameez is the top. It is usually long-sleeved. The kameez usually has either embroidery or applique work done around the neck. The same pattern may be repeated on the bottom of the kameez and the sleeves. The kameez is usually flowing and quite long, almost reaching your calves.

The ensemble is completed with a matching dupatta. The dupatta either has the same embroidery or applique as the kameez or may have some embroidery or sequins stitched on. Pair this with snazzy pair of Punjabi juttis or mules, and you have a relaxed yet still stylish and elegant look. 

Cotton Silk Salwar Kameez at Lashkaraa

Overall, our cotton silk salwar kameez selection is excellent for light summer wear. In fact, you can look cool and elegant with one of our cotton silk salwar kameez, even during the hot summer months.

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