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Crepe is one of the most popular fabrics used for salwar suits. It's light, airy, and flowy -- perfect for any type of occasion or weather. 

Anyone can look beautiful and elegant with crepe salwar suits. The fabric looks great in contrast with the different colors, embellishments, cutting, and embroidery. 

The fabric is also comfortable. It's easy to wear and it's not prone to wrinkles like other types of fabric. 

What is Crepe fabric?

Crepe is a fabric that has undergone special treatment. The result is a three-dimension like texture that has a unique rippling. These look delicate and are often used for clothes that are made for special occasions. 

The opacity and weight of crepe are lighter than most fabrics. Though it is a popular material for scarves, it works well when used in dresses and salwar suits. 

When worn, it gives you a soft and flowy silhouette. It has the right amount of shine and sheers for any occasion. 

Lashkaraa has a great collection of Crepe Salwar Suits for you to choose from. They're the perfect choice for any type of occasion. 

What are the different types of crepe fabric?

There are different types of crepe to choose from. Each has a slight variation in terms of its process. They are also used for different types of garments.

Below are some of the most popular types. 


This type of crepe is made by using chemical treatments and heavy rollers. The result is soft electric pleating on the fabric. It's commonly used for eveningwear. 


If you've seen any fabric that has a texture similar to gauze, then it's probably aerophane. It's no longer in production but the modern crepe has similarities with this fabric. 

Bauté satin

One of the most popular types of crepe is being used today. It looks delicate and intricate.

Whatever occasion you have, a crepe salwar suit will surely make you look stylish and elegant.  Its light and airy texture will ensure you look beautiful throughout the celebration without having to sacrifice comfort. You get to enjoy and focus on the present.