Collection: Georgette Salwar Suits

At Lashkaraa, we understand that you are looking for the finest Salwar Kameez suits that are not just fashionable but also made of the highest quality. That is why we have expended a lot of effort to extend our range of available Georgette Salwar suits that will be perfect for any occasion. We now stock a comprehensive range of the finest suits that have been carefully embroidered by hand.

From our Pakistani style Salwar suits to our Abaya style suits, to our straight style suits, and our Punjabi style suits, we have it all. Our Salwar suits also come in different shades to make sure that whatever color you prefer, we have it all.

We are proud to announce that all of our clothing lines have been made with extreme care and of the highest quality fabric available. Our brand is known to be one of the leading makers of the finest traditional outfits.

Georgette, the fabric of the gods

Georgette, a fabric that is known for its affordable but luxurious appearance, has been incorporated in our Salwar suits to give it a classy appearance despite its very affordable price. The fabric is known as Georgette dates back to the 20th century when it was initially introduced by a French stylist known as Georgette de la Plante. 

The collection we have for our Georgette Salwar suits has been exquisitely embellished and intricately woven to create a unique and gorgeous appearance. Our clothing line is said to be extraordinary and has been considered to be unique from among its counterparts.

Why Georgette is the perfect fabric for Salwar Kameez suits?

Georgette is a fabric that boasts its luxurious and yet affordable price but the one thing that makes Georgette the perfect fabric for Salwar Kameez suits is its lightweight property and feather-like texture. Not only will our Salwar Kameez look good on you but it will also feel as if you are living like a noble.

With the designs we have for our Salwar Kameez, you will never be able to feel that you are out of fashion.