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Whether you are a bride, a bridesmaid or simply a wedding guest, headpieces, also known as maang tikkas, are an essential part of Indian woman’s “Solah Sringar.” The quintessential hair accessory is an integral part of a married woman’s ensemble, especially the bride.  This particular accessory is a symbol of womanhood and her femininity. Headpiece jewelry is usually the prime ornament on a woman that catches the most attention.

The Significance of Tikka on a Bride

Bridal tikka or a simple maang tikka, a fad among the women of all age groups, finds its origin in ancient period. Also, it has been mentioned in Hindu mythology. The design of the Indian wedding headpiece has been derived from the ancient paintings and artifacts. Typically, a kundan tikka or any other tikka, is a pendant attached to the string that sits on woman’s hairline. The pendant falls on the forehead, the place where the sixth chakra of Kundalini lies. As per the mythology, this headpiece represents the third eye and wisdom. It strengthens the control over the feelings, emotions and enhances the power of concentration. The accessory renders the bride the power to handle the pressures after marriage. Also, it was used to protect the bride from evil energy and spirits.  Traditionally, tikkas were worn by both men and women for its powers and importance.

Tikkas as a fashion statement

Besides, its historical significance, a tikka has become a fashion statement. It is not only adorned by brides or married women, but also by young girls. Headpiece jewelry gives woman’s face a proper definition and a sharper look. It adds glamour and regal charm to the wearer’s personality. A bride’s look is not complete without a tikka. It accentuates her feminine allure and adds grace to her overall look. This is one of the most loved traditional jewelry among Indian women. The latest maang tikka designs are quite intricate and are made of a fusion of semi-precious and precious gemstones. Kundan tikka and pearl maang tikka are some of the all-time favorites.

Different styles of tikkas

Pendant style headpiece is an evergreen style that looks beautiful on women with smaller foreheads and round face. Usually, this style comes with a single strand that sits in the middle of the head.

However, the latest trends have brought back mathapatti--an elaborate style of tikka with two more chains, one for each side of the head--in vogue. For women with round face, they can even opt for single-tier mathapatti. As it makes the face look sleeker and elevate your other features.

The newest addition to the traditional tikkas is multi-layered headpiece jewelry. This looks elegant on women with the broad forehead. For women with bolder sense of fashion, they can opt for head tikka jewelry in chandelier or crescent style. They are bigger and bolder and make for a statement piece of ornaments.

Jhoomar or passa is a traditional headpiece inspired by Mughals. These are typically adorned by Muslim brides. However, nowadays, it is quite popular as wedding headpieces for brides of all communities. Unlike tikkas, these do not sit in the center of the head. Instead, these are placed on the left half of the forehead. If you look up headpiece jewelry online, you will discover these are usually elaborately designed headpieces that look fabulous on women of all shapes.

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