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Jacquard Salwar Suits for Extra Special Occaions

Don't know what to wear for the special occasion? Why not try a Jacquard salwar suit? If you're looking for something timeless and classic, it's going to be your best best. 

Jacquard salwar suits are for every occasion. Its style is perfect and matches its traditional looks. It is very suitable during festive seasons while also being comfortable for the wearer.

It's the perfect combination of style and comfort.

What is Jacquard?

Jacquard is one of the best lightweight silks. This suit is woven and manufactured in a jacquard loom. The fabric is also one of the most trusted materials in weaving. It can produce different kinds of designs and adorable clothes. Rather than dyeing and printing, jacquard fabric design can be incorporated as a weave.

According to recent updates, jacquard kameez is considered one of the most famous attires by women. It is a good-looking and modern attire worn on special occasions like weddings. And even if it is modern, it will never go out of style as they have a classic feel to them. 

Any woman wearing this will have many eyes landing on her with a gaze. The style is spectacular, making the owner walk confidently with pride.

What is unique about Jacquard Fabric?

It started as a brocade back in the 4th century. It was a sign of wealth, so they had woven gems and precious metals on the weave. But as industrialization boomed, Joseph Marie Jacquard found a way to revolutionalize textile making. 

Up until today, his name is known worldwide. It became incorporated into the finest weave ever made.

Jacquard can be made using different fibers. It can be made out of polyester, cotton, silk, or cotton blends. Currently, there are different designs to choose from. The most popular designs are floral, damasks, and geometric weaves. Jacquard brocade, double-faced, organza, metallic, silk, and wool are fabrics used to weave these suits.

 Jacquard patterns comprise different styles and materials. It can even include art silk salwar suits, santoon, smooth cotton, and jacquard butta. 

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