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Latest Traditional Indian Necklaces

Jewelry has been a significant part of dressing up for women in India since ages and their love for it is undying. It tells a lot about the taste and adds lovely flare to wearer’s personality. Necklace, in particular, is the most central piece of jewelry that catches the most attention. It’s the most eye-catching ornament that a woman adorns and has special mention in “Solah Shringar,” meaning 16 bridal adornments.

A necklace is quite a powerful piece of jewelry. It can completely recreate the look of the wearer. Even the simplest dress looks classier when teamed up with a statement necklace. Necklaces are loved by women of all age groups. They have a special place in their wardrobe and have one for every occasion.

When looking for a necklace online or necklace set online you’ll discover that there is a plethora of them to choose from. They vary in style, design, shape, and size. Versatile in nature, they can be paired up with any kind of dresses. While they look majestic with ethnic dresses like sarees, lehengas and salwar suit, they add modish appeal when teamed up with western wear or gowns.

Different types of necklaces

Choker: A choker is a necklace that fits closely around the neck of the wearer. It is a single band or multiple layers made of gems and precious stones, intertwined together. They are an exquisite piece of jewelry that has been popular since the times of ranis and maharanis. Chokers are quite popular among brides. A choker with kundan or pearls adds a regal charm to the bride’s ensemble.

Rani Haar: This type of necklaces is usually worn on special occasions because they are heavier and longer than the usual neckpieces. They are usually an amalgamation of diversified precious and semiprecious stones and diamonds.  They are usually worn as a standalone piece over traditional Indian dresses.

Bib necklace: Resembling the structure of a baby’s bib, this type of necklaces has a wider coverage. This piece of bling covers your neck like a baby’s bib. These pieces add a glamorous touch to the attire worn with. They do not only look graceful with ethnic wear but also with gowns and dresses. They are bold in appeal and are suggested to wear with deeper necklines.

Satlada: Typically, a satlada is a seven-stringed pearl necklace that originated in Basra, India. Traditionally, it is created with 465 pearls. However, with changing trends they are now made with emeralds, diamonds, and kundans. The seven long layers cover your neck to navel and represent number seven, a very auspicious number according to the Indian traditions.

Other popular styles of necklaces are lariat, or rope necklace, princess necklace, matinee necklace, opera, and thread necklace. There is no dearth of designs and styles to choose from. If you are looking for a necklace set online, then head to Lashkaraa, your online destination for all things beautiful. Our easy-to-use shopping website offers a diversified variety of necklaces that will enliven your jewelry box. From chokers, Kundan necklaces, bridal necklaces, casual necklaces, and fashion necklaces, the website has something for everyone. So, put away all your doubts and indulge in necklace online shopping now at Lashkaraa.