Indian Clothes  /  Noserings (3)
Indian Clothes  /  Noserings (3)

Nose rings have been an essential part of Indian women’s dressing rituals and adornments. Women’s love for this piece of jewelry is immortal. Whether it’s a bride, a married woman, or a teenager, a nose ring is their favorite adornment. It’s classy and trendy, both at the same time. As a piece of ornament, it gives the nose a sharper definition and amplifies the natural appeal of facial features. A beautiful nose ring gives the women an edgier and bolder look.

Nose rings are undoubtedly statement jewelry that is never going to disappoint you. It is the symbol of Indian cultural values and the reminder of feminine powers of the wearer. Also, it is an essential part of brides’ “Solah Sringar” or 16 adornments of Indian women. Today, nose rings may have become a fashion jewelry, but it has deep-rooted historical and religious significance. As per Hindu customs, nose ring, nose stud or a “nath” is an essential part of bride’s ensemble on her wedding day. However, some beliefs suggest that the practice of wearing nose rings does not originate from India. Hundreds of years ago, this custom originated in the Middle East and it was passed on to India during the Mughal era in the 16th century. The truth behind the origin of nose rings still remains unconfirmed. However, there is a mention of it in ancient Indian Ayurvedic text wherein the benefits of wearing a bridal nose ring have been revealed.

Among many benefits of nose piercing, one of them helps in managing menstrual pain. Nerves of the left nostril connect to female’s reproductive organs which is why it is the preferred place to wear nose rings. Also, it helps in easing the childbirth pains. Although, in many cultures, nose rings are customary to married women, but due to its health benefits it is advised for the teenage girls as well.

Apart from the health and customary reasons, it is a gorgeous accessory and girls with nose rings look nothing less than elegant.

Types of nose rings

Nose rings as a fashion accessory comes in many types of styles and designs. There is a variety of traditional and contemporary kinds. While contemporary nose rings like studs and clips on are popular among the unmarried girls, traditional ones, like oversized hoops, kundan nath, nose rings with chains, gold nathani are loved by brides and married woman. This accessory is usually made with semi-precious and precious stones. If you are looking out for bridal nose ring, then Kundan nose rings and meenakari ones are some of the best options.

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