Collection: Pure Silk Lehenga Collection

Are you looking for something that would complement your silhouette? If that is your case, then you might want to consider our Pure Silk Lehenga Collection. We have different design options for you to choose from that can complement your body shape well and accentuate the best features of your figure. 

What is Lahenga? 

Lehenga is a type of ankle-length skirt that originated in India. It is often adorned with Gotta Patti embroidery, which uses the applique technique to make the design more elaborate. This is also known as a Chaniya or Ghagra, which is also used to refer to a skin used as an undergarment underneath a sari in Punjabi. 

Lehenga has several variations such as Ghagri, A-line, Flared, Paneled, Mermaid, Sharara, straight, and trail. This allows you to find the best silhouette that best fits your figure. 

Why Pure Silk? 

Silk is a commonly used material for many Indian outfits, such as Chiffon Sarees or Punjabi Suits. It is made with a natural fiber popular for its shine, luster, and durability, making it a favorite among many cultures worldwide. 

Although silk in itself exudes luxury, pure silk takes it to another level. This type of silk means that the fabric is 100% made with silk, and no other material is added. As a result, it is considerably more expensive compared to other silk fabrics. Still, it's justifiable because its characteristics are way better than others. 

What makes pure silk fabric even better than its beautiful appearance is that it's incredibly comfortable because of its excellent texture and lightweightness. This means that you will not only look good when wearing our pure silk Lehenga, but you will also feel fresh throughout the day. 

Suitable Occasion

Without a doubt, our Pure Silk Lehenga collection has a wow factor that makes it ideal for a grand occasion. You can wear it during weddings or festivals, and the crowd will definitely take a second look at you for good reasons. However, you can also wear it during ordinary days, but you want to doll up. Regardless, it is a versatile piece of clothing.