Collection: Velvet Lehengas

Velvet lehengas exude sophistication and luxury at first glance, making it an ideal outfit for any occasion. Luckily, we at Lashkaraa have a collection of beautiful and elegant velvet lehengas. But, if you prefer outfits for more casual use, we also have several options for you, such as the Pant Salwar Suit and the Anarkali Suits.

What is Lehenga? 

Lehenga is an ankle-length skirt that originated in India. It is typically adorned with Gotta Patti embroidery when it's used for weddings and festivals, but it also comes in other designs and patterns. 

Why Velvet? 

Velvet is a material typically made of natural and synthetic fibers. However, in the past, it was made from silk. Today, it's quite difficult to find velvet made from pure silk because it can be quite expensive. As a result, synthetic velvet made from rayon, viscose, nylon, or polyester is more common. However, they still exude a sense of luxury because they are a more expensive type of fabric than others. 

What makes velvet an excellent material for Lehenga is that it has a soft, transparent, and thin texture. It also has a smooth surface and has the right amount of elasticity. This makes it very comfortable to wear and elegant-looking. 

Aside from that, velvet is an extremely durable material. It does not easily wrinkle or deform. It is also chemical resistant, mold-resistant, and pest resistant.  

Velvet Care & Maintenance

Velvet is not a high-maintenance material. However, there are a couple of things that you should know. First, it's not ideal to apply pressure to the fabric while it is wet. This will result in hard-to-remove creases, and it might affect the fibers of the fabric.

Secondly, it is not recommended to iron velvet fabric because it has a tendency to shrink when exposed to extreme heat. Instead, if the garment has creases, use a steamer to even it out. 

Lastly, don't blot the spills on the material. Doing this will agitate its fibers, and it might look patchy when it's dried. The best thing that you can do is to shake off the excess moisture then air dry it.