Collection: Zari Work Lehenga Choli

The culture of India lives in the designs of many ethnic attires. Zari Work Lehenga Choli sets one outfit many women wear for comfort and fashion. The Lehenga Choli is worn differently in many parts of India, but the attire is consistently made of three pieces: a lehenga blouse, a floor-length skirt, and a choli. 

Lashkaraa has a wide array of choices fit for any occasion. Complete with exquisite embroidery and colors, our Lehenga Choli collection fits festive, formal, or ceremonious gatherings. We have variations that suit the occasion and your taste. 

Festive Lehengas

What’s a festive mood without the lively colors? Our line’s embellishments, sequin, and embroidery are perfect for Diwali, Pongal, or any occasion. Silk lehengas can be a great option too!

Wedding Lehengas

The perfect way to glow on a wedding day is with an embellished lehenga. A bridal lehenga subtly shows the delicate and beautiful countenance of a bride ready to be with her husband. 

Casual Lehengas

Vibrant or pastel? Browse through the collection and find what’s best for you. Laskaraa’s Lehenga Choli collection combines cultural designs and modern touch. You can go for a casual look or a modern experimental style. 

What should be your pick?

Lashkaraa’s Lehenga Choli can highlight your beautiful features, especially if you pick one for yourself with care. Opt for one that suits your skin. Know your skin type first. Cool skin tones are great with pastel or light colors, while warm ones are best accentuated with dark colors. 

Knowing your body type also works wonders. Hourglass body shapes can choose any lehengas. A pear-shaped body is great with A-line lehengas, while a ruler-shaped body can go for a flared lehenga.

If you aim for a flowy effect, pick lehengas made of chiffon or any similar fabric. Don’t forget to wear a strapless bra if you wear off-shoulders. The bra straps can be distracting. Accessorizing can never go out of date. Pick jewelry or a purse to go with your outfit. 

You can’t put off style over price; Lashkaraa’s affordable pieces are a great find. Or keep up with the trend with the newest collection.