Infographics: Must Have Ethnic Colors For This Festive Season

Infographics: Must Have Ethnic Colors For This Festive Season
There’s a hint of festivities in the air starting from the month of September, and women are busy shopping for trendy and eclectic fashionable attire. It is really hard not to capitulate to this contagious festive spirit. Now that you have embraced the festive spirit, it is time to splash yourself with the brightest of hues imaginable.

Vibrant Colors to Choose for the Upcoming Festive Season

The festive season is never complete without the customary bright colors. Women cannot think of doing without their red sarees. Red is, of course, a perennial favorite! But not only red, there are tons of color combinations for you to explore to make festive dressing a gloriously glam affair. Apart from the bold and bright colors, the pastel hues are also ruling every fashion runway in the country. The festive season cannot be imagined without the allure of the color white; pristine and so stunning when offset with red and gold. Make sure you add a fail-safe white anarkali to your wardrobe. The gorgeous and utterly glam gold pairs well with the color peach. So if you are one who adores lehengas, ensure to buy a peach lehenga to add to the allure of the festive wardrobe. Of all the resplendent colors, green stands tall and bright, and the vibrant shade can make any dull outfit stand out with its sheer drama. How about a green churidar suit to add that much needed pop to your otherwise safe wardrobe? After all, why should you play safe? It is the festive season, and you need to splash some glitzy colors to your fashion canvas. But nothing like beige, right? Just when you think that your wardrobe just got too snazzy you could add a beige palazzo suit to tone down a too-vibrant palette. Beige suits almost any skin tone, and if you enhance the color with gold it will elevate the look considerably, adding some full-on glam undercurrents. Explore different colors, like the ones you have never worn before. The more you experiment, the more you will discover, as to which colors suit you the best. After all, it is the unusual color combinations which can enhance your look like no other.   Ethnic Trends - Festive seasons