Look Lovely in Grey on the Seventh Day of Navratri

Look Lovely in Grey on the Seventh Day of Navratri

The festive season is once again around the corner and Hindu and Navratri devouts are gearing up to celebrate it in pomp and circumstance. Each day of the Navratri is marked with a special color that has its significance. Grey is the color of the seventh day. It signifies the strength of transforming.

Many devotees strictly adhere to the color code as it is believed to bring prosperity. Thus if you are planning to wear grey for the seventh day of Navratri, here are some ideas that you can take to look lovely on that auspicious day.

Grey Anarkali Suits

Grey Anarkali: Navratri Dressing Ideas

One could never go wrong with Anarkali suits. This particular clothing brings out the ultimate beauty of the Indian woman. Furthermore, Anarkali suits have had a rich heritage since their introduction during the Mughal era. 

A grey Anarkali dress is a must-have for this year's Navratri celebration, owing to its unrivaled classicism. A contrast border on a floor-length silk Anarkali gown will complement your overall appearance.

The Anarkalis look great with bold earrings and a modest necklace. You'll be the life of the party on the seventh day of Navratri, regardless of whether you wear high heels or flats.

Grey Chaniya Choli or Lehenga Suit

Grey Chaniya Choli- Navratri Dressing Ideas

With this festival comes a lot of dancing, therefore you'll need an outfit that feels comfortable apart from looking good. The Chaniya Choli is a genuine traditional dress that is a must-have for the Navratri festival to be complete.

Although the grey shade may appear strange, it complements contrast and vibrant colors really well. In a grey motif, use bright beads and shell jewelery to create an amazing stylish appearance.

To improve your appearance, add a touch of dark pink to your dress. Pink goes wonderfully with grey, so add a little of it to your outfit. Because the Lehengas are light and swirl gracefully, they're ideal for Garba costumes. A big, warm dupatta can finish off the Navratri Chaniya Choli ensemble


Style Grey Saree For Navratri

Grey Saree - Navratri Dressing Ideas

A sari never lacks timeless appeal. If you want to go above and above, a Pallazo Saree in grey is an option. Wearing a saree that matches your age and is comfortable for the time of day when you wear it.

The grey hue is in vogue right now. You may wear a wonderful saree in Gujarati style with the pallu forward or wrap it like a lehenga skirt. On the Dandia floor, a grey saree with contrasting colorful jewelry will undoubtedly draw attention.

A Grey Sharara Suit

Grey Sharara Suit- Navratri Dressing Ideas

The Sharara suits always have a trendy and traditional look. They never lose their edge. You can pick it up in steel grey for this year’s seventh day of the Navratri festival. Being light and comfortable, you can do your Garba dance comfortably.

In terms of style, Sharara suits are the comfiest ethnic clothing imaginable. Sharara suits look amazing, you can get these in lehenga-style as well. Celebrate the seventh day of the dandiya night in style and comfort by wearing a grey Sharara suit from our collection this Navratri. We have stocked up on our Sharara suits collection and the grey color is on top of our list


You can always complete your traditional attire for the festival with the appropriate add-ons. Some of the most important accessories to add to your wear can include pieces of jewelry like kadas, rings, and jhumkas. Your Navratri look will also be boosted by a highlighting jewelry choker.

Wrapping Up

Everyone goes to great lengths to ensure that they look their best durian this festive season. This is the time to take out your darker shades of make-up. Do not forget to apply ice such that the make-up does not get ruined when the dance gets sweaty. I wish you a lovely festive season. Stay lovely.

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