Fun Quirky Ways to Style your Kurti

Fun Quirky Ways to Style your Kurti
Guess which is your sartorial best friend? You know that one piece of garment that never fails you and stands by you through parties and casual outings. Well, if you haven’t guessed by now! Let me just spill the beans for you! It is the ubiquitous kurti!  Now tell me, love it or hate it, can you avoid the kurti? I know you can’t and frankly so can’t I! It’s pretty, demure and stylish, well you can transform it, as you like it! So, whether it is cotton kurtis or party wear kurtis, you simply cannot have enough of it! Come summer and you go on a kurti hunting spree, well don’t you? I know I do, and it tops the list of my must-do list every summer! To those of you who think kurti isn’t quite glam or stylish, hear me out, I am going to give you a list of a few reasons why they are completely right up your style alley! Style it right and your kurti is just that closet superstar that can weave its magic wand and turn you into a complete diva. Ah! The magic of Indian wear! Buy Kurtis Online Stylish Kurti – Quirk up your Wardrobe You get up in the morning and you dress according to your mood right? And kurtis are so easy to cater to your every whim and mood, all you have got to do so just style your kurti the right way! Yes, we will tell you exactly how just stay tuned!
  1. Kurti with a skirt – Have you tried it out yet? I think this is one ethnic trend that is not going to disappear anytime soon! Move out tops or shirts, for it is now time to pair your kurti with a skirt. Flared, ruffled, printed or pleated well, it does not matter what kind of skirt you wear, as long as you wear it with a kurti, you can wear it with your long kurtis online or even a short kurti, either which way it completely transforms your persona. Add a dupatta and quirk it up further by adding a slim or broad belt accentuating your waist, and giving the impression of a slimmer silhouette, your boho chic look is ready!
  2. Kurti with wide-legged pants – Since the swinging seventies is making a roaring comeback, wide-legged pants are one of the first things that you will notice both on the ramp and the runway. Yes, even skinny jeans are slowly dying a slow death. But fashion has a strange way of making a comeback, so don’t throw them out just yet, just replace them with boot cuts and flared pants for the time being. Kurtis look great with these wide-legged pants. Wear a short jacket with your ensemble and you will be known for your style shenanigans everywhere you go!
  3. Kurti with a long shrug or jacket – Wear your kurti with a stunning embroidered jacket and you can revamp a staid look in a jiffy! To get your wedding look on point, try pairing a simple long kurti with a kurti and team it with either cigarette pants or shararas! Fashion fables are made of these. Add to the look the right accessories and sky-high heels and your Indian kurti gets a major spin like never before!
  4. Wear long kurtis like a dress – Ethnic dresses are a thing now! Wear your long kurtis minus the palazzo or churidars and it is a perfect it indo-western look to flaunt. Those summer brunches are never complete without long kurti dresses. This is an easy way to amp up your style quotient and add the extra punch to your ethnic wardrobe!
  5. Kurtis with dhoti pants – Dhoti pants are the latest fashion favorites! Wear it with a short kurti and you are set to slay right from a wedding to a party with great chutzpah. I am so glad that dhoti pants have made a solid comeback, just to prove what men can do, we women can do it in a more stylish fashion! Just kidding! But dhoti pants are an oh-so-cool and androgynous way to make dressing fun! They are comfortable, roomy yet stylish and girls and women of different sizes can wear it with aplomb. It basically suits each body type! Buy kurtis online or at a shop near you, just make sure you add a dhoti pant or two to your shopping cart!
  6. Kurti with denim – This is every college girl’s savior. Pair your kurti with a pair of denim pants, skinny or flared and you are a picture of comfort and style! Well, if you think it to be too mundane for you, try accessorizing, to make it fun and interesting. Ear cuffs, stacks of bangles, or a statement ring, any of these accessories can do the trick for you. Also, focus on your shoes, you may have the hots for stilettos, but white trainers are the new style superstar on the block! Cute and funky, you know you can never go wrong with them and when compared to super high heels, these are oh-so-comfortable! I have been never a fan of trainers till now and kept in strictly reserved for my gym look. But now, I add, although a little sheepishly, I am a convert and have them in most of my favorite colors. You can try them as well with your stylish kurti, and you will find out that it is a case of a match made in style heaven.
When I started experimenting more with different kurti designs, I found that kurti being my eternal bff, it also has so much more to offer! And it is never boring, the same kurti can be styled in so many different ways and the look comes out trumps every single time! So, have you ever tried to wear your kurti differently and given your leggings a miss for something more eclectic and fashionable? Do share with me, your ideas and let me know whether these styling ideas worked for you?
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