Indian Wedding Nose Rings for a Royal Ensemble

Indian Wedding Nose Rings for a Royal Ensemble

From the opulent decor to the extensive celebrations spanning over many days to jewel-toned ensembles and opulent, glimmering accessories, Indian weddings are the occasion to show up and show out, all while honoring storied traditions as old as time itself.

While bangles, elaborate earrings, and large necklaces are a given, noserings are the cherry on top of this royal ensemble. Also commonly called nath noserings, these gilded additions are much more than a simple accessory or another cosmetic touch.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorites and witness firsthand how they can transform your bridal look into one of style and prestige.

Indian Wedding Nose Rings To Complete Your Look

Noserings, also called nath noserings, are a bit of a rite of passage for Indian brides. 

Noserings have typically only been worn by married women but are now seen as an alluring fashion trend across many global cultures. Like the rest of our jewelry, our noserings are gold-plated to ensure they can withstand the test of time and claim a permanent place in your jewelry box for several years.

Saira Nosering

Our Saira Nosering is the most simple of our offerings, but that doesn’t mean you’ll blend into the crowd. A bit larger than most noserings you may find elsewhere, this gold-plated piece features semi-precious stones and hangs just to the top of the lips, allowing you to catch the light from every angle.

Don’t let its subtle shape fool you, though — this nosering is styled with an array of irregularly shaped stones to offer a unique bit of pizazz. The Saira Nosering is the ultimate option for brides who’d like to make a statement throughout their wedding week but might want to save more dramatic designs for other later festivities.

Seerat Nosering

A little more elaborate than the Saira design, our Seerat Nosering features a similarly larger style but is adorned with three rows of semi-precious stones at the bottom and an additional stretch of dangling accents.

This nosering comes with a golden chain, a nath, designed to hook onto the back of your hair or onto your earrings for an added touch of glamor. Noserings with a chain specifically are popular for night-time weddings, making this the perfect accessory for your special day.

Zara Nosering

The most glamorous of our noserings, the Zara Nosering truly stands in a class of its own. Perfect for the big day, the Zara Nosering features elaborately embellished designs of semi-precious stones plated in real gold. Four larger stones are surrounded by smaller pearls to exude elegance and timeless style. 

Like our Seerat design, the Zara Nosering also boasts a golden chain and hook to wrap this ornament around your hair. However, unlike many other nath noserings, this chain features small pearls along its golden length. The Zara Nosering is an ideal choice for head-to-toe style on evenings where “simple” just simply will not do.

Necklaces To Pair With Your Indian Wedding Nose Rings

A sizable necklace is the best accessory to not only accompany a nosering but to further accentuate it and add to the glitz and glamor of events commanding a nosering. Whether you’re looking for neutral tones or something with a bit more of a royal touch, we have options to accommodate every style, taste, and occasion. Best of all, our necklaces, like our noserings, are also plated in real gold to ensure they will last for years to come.

With that in mind, let’s dive in and take a look at a few of our favorite bridal necklace sets:

Radha Necklace Set

Elaborate designs and hues of red have long been associated with traditional Indian wedding festivities: Our Radha Necklace Set effortlessly combines both of these design aspects. This handcrafted gold-plated necklace features semi-precious stones in shades of both deep and brighter red, set in enamel to create a structured choker.

A row of stones lines the top and bottom of the enamel, with decadent chandelier accents further reflected in the matching earrings. The Radha Necklace Set would look excellent on brides choosing to don traditional shades of ruby red or garnet, especially those with dramatic, angular necklines.

Leena Red Necklace Set

If you’re looking for opulence and beauty, look no further than our Leena Red Necklace Set. Also combining traditional bridal hues and luxury, an elegant row of semi-precious emerald-cut red stones and crystal embellishments are further enhanced by stylish dangled accents.

Similar in style to many well-known royal necklaces across the world, this necklace matches exquisitely with a pair of noble chandelier earrings, also featuring similar stones and gold plating. 

The Leena Red Necklace set is perfect for lower-cut blouses to bridge the gap and make sure every part of you is impeccably decorated from head to toe. If your bridalwear is heavily embellished, embroidered, or boasts intricate Zari designs, this is the definite way to go.

Avantika Necklace

The Avantika Necklace is an ideal choice for brides wanting to pair one of our noserings with other matching jewelry. A multi-layered stretch of golden and white beads come together in the center to show off a dramatic golden pendant, complete with traditional jhumka style. The earrings match the necklace’s pendant detailing, and the neutral color palette makes this an easy choice to pair with any of our noserings. 

The Avantika Necklace is ideal for festivities where you may sport a white or cream-colored ensemble. If you’re marrying a groom from a culture where brides traditionally wear white on their wedding day, this necklace set is a wonderful way to bring the best of two cultures together.

Sonakshi Choker Necklace

For a golden touch of fashionable elegance, consider reaching for our Sonakshi Choker Necklace Set. Similar to the Avantika Necklace, the Sonakshi Choker comes with a pair of jhumka earrings adorned with pearls, golden beading, and other semi-precious accents. The choker boasts 13 lengthy strands of golden beading with oversized pearls at the ends. 

The top of the choker matches the detailing on the jhumka earrings, adding dramatic style to the collarbone. The Sonakshi Choker Necklace is also an excellent choice for lower-cut blouses or those with a more simplistic design to ensure elegance and flair are observed from top to bottom.

Look Your Best This Wedding Season

Nath noserings are steeped in tradition and history and are synonymous with Indian weddings. Especially when paired with a matching, equally elaborate necklace, this look effortlessly emulates style and elegance. They’re a classic marking of the transition into a new phase of your life.

Each piece from our jewelry collection is adorned in semi-precious stones and is plated in real gold to ensure these statement pieces will last through the years. Browse our collection of Indian jewelry today and delight in putting that special touch on every look throughout each part of your wedding celebration.


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