Three Kurta Pajama Design Ideas for Your Child

Three Kurta Pajama Design Ideas for Your Child

The way we dress our children and present them to the world is a direct reflection on us as parents and people, whether we like it or not. Other details have ways of publicly showing the hopes and dreams we have for our children, the future we want them to enjoy, and the love in our hearts.

With so many design details that go into kurtas and pajama trousers, it can be tough deciding where to start. 

Let’s look at seven ideas you might want to consider when shopping for your children, whether it be for a big party coming up, their first day at school, or other standard occasions.

What Exactly Is a Kurta and Pajama Trouser?

A kurti is traditionally worn by women and can be a blouse, jacket, or waistcoat. Usually, there is some sort of gathering or trim to emphasize the waist, giving it a little more definition than a kurta. 

Kurtas specifically are worn by men and boys and don’t have any gathering or definition at the waistline. Rather, they are much looser and rectangular in shape. This top, usually hanging down to the knees, is paired with the pajama trouser, which is a lightweight drawstring pant.

These trousers specifically can come in a number of colors, patterns, and trims. It can be worn with matching kurtas, contrasting shades, or even paired with metallic shades up top. From fabric to texture to embellishments and trimmings, there are millions of ways to mix and match kurta tops and pajama trousers.

How Do You Style Kurtas for Children?

As you probably already know, styling children can be a challenge — and this is especially true for boys. It can be hard to find common ground; a boy’s highest priority is comfort, while as parents, we understand that some events call for clothes far more formal than sweatpants!

Here are a few ideas for styles that both you and your son will love:

1. Deep Maroon Kurta Pajama Set

One of the top choices for Indian clothing, this Kids Deep Maroon Kurta Pajama Set is perfect for days when you want your son to look polished and clean-cut, but he wants to feel at ease and comfortable.

No fidgeting here! This rayon fabric features a printed pattern with embroidered neckline for an unfussy look that also allows your son to put his best foot forward.

This deep maroon set is ideal for taking school or family photos, going to birthday parties, or attending more casual evening gatherings. We also offer a matching version for men so father and son can match!

2. Lavender and Off-White Kurta Pajama Set

Emulating a more luxurious style, our Kids Lavender and Off-White Kurta Pajama Set will have your son looking smart and grown up in a flash. This rayon top is decorated with a digitally printed design to allow your child to enjoy the luxurious feel of traditional garb without being distracted by heavy embroidery stitching.

This kurta boasts the perfect stitch details around the collar and down the front. A complimentary shade of off-white embroidery featuring a floral design is the perfect contrasting point to help him stand out, even in a large group of cousins or classmates!

This lavender set is an exceptional choice for young boys attending weddings, birthday parties, or other festive gatherings. Just like the deep maroon set, this lavender and off-white set also comes in a matching style for men.

3. Golden Ivory Kurta Pajama

The most extravagant kurta and pajama set is our Kids Golden Ivory Kurta Pajama Set

The collar is simple and comfortable, and the entirety of this dhupioni silk sports a fabulous mirror print down the entire length. When paired with these lightweight ivory cotton trousers, the garment is suddenly elevated to another, higher level.

These lighter colors make this set a wonderful option for high tea or morning wedding events. Plus, this set can also work as an excellent piece when transitioning into springtime. 

This set comes in a larger size for fathers to match with their sons. But not only for the men: this gold and ivory collection includes an option for ladies and young girls so that the entire family can show up, show out, and make quite the statement.

Beyond these specific pieces, there are a few other details you might want to keep in mind when shopping for your children.

Here are four more of our essential tips for finding the right kurta pajama set for your child.

4. Kurta: Color Options

Go a little deeper when thinking about color and what it can represent. Some colors boast meaningful values that can encourage tranquility, energy, or even sleep. 

Others might help your child feel more confident, something that is super important in the early developmental years of life. Some colors might be more flattering on lighter versus deeper skin tones, or your child may simply be partial to one color over another. 

Blue, for example, has been thought to possess quiet, confident properties while instilling calm and solitude in those who wear it. These traits also make it a top choice for parents of overly energetic children who might have trouble paying attention at school, sitting still in a quiet place, or behaving if they must tag along to run errands.

Shades of orange and yellow may boost a sunny disposition. Green is a favorite among those looking to feel rested and confident, while shades of red have long been associated with boldness, energy, and power.

5. Kurta: Fabric Choices

Even the most well-mannered and quietest of children can get fussy if they aren’t comfortable. Whether they are too hot, cold, can’t stretch, or feel constricted in general, an easy way to set yourself up for having a good day is to dress them comfortably from the get-go.

Thankfully, most kurtas and pajama trousers are made up of a lightweight linen. This fabric is loose, breathable, and is, quite frankly, one of the most comfortable clothing choices out there for children.

For some events, you’ll want the whole family to dress up in their best outfits – but this may not be the best idea for regular everyday dressing. Children are just that — children! Their motor skills and coordination levels are not fully developed, and sometimes messes happen.

Whether it’s dirt from the playground or a spoonful of sauce that didn’t make it into their mouth, accidents like this are bound to happen, and children definitely won’t be rushing to the sink to dab the stains off their clothing. 

In addition to being comfortable, fabrics like linen and cotton are durable, easy to wash, and won’t be a total loss if they happen to get dirty. 

These materials can easily be pre-treated with a stain-removing spray, scrubbed out, and then thrown into the washing machine like normal, whereas other fabrics like chiffon or silk can only be washed by hand.

Furthermore, if a pesky stain simply won’t come out, fabrics such as silk or velvet are more costly to replace than linen or cotton. 

6. Kurta: Sizing Guide

The younger children are, the faster they grow. Before you are able to even snap your fingers, your newborn baby is suddenly a year old, then two years old, then starting school right before your eyes. 

With that being said, if you are going back and forth on what size to order for your child, consider choosing the larger of the two sizes. A child can always grow into clothing — but they will not shrink into smaller sizes! 

Furthermore, children will always be more comfortable if their clothing is a little loose-fitting, as opposed to being too tight.

Consider a looser fit if you’re buying seasonal clothing. Items with a particular pattern, holiday-specific color combinations, or garments made with fabrics that may not be comfortable all year long (heavier fabrics like velvet) already don’t get enough use as-is. 

If you opt for a larger size, your child will be able to wear the clothing for at least two seasons, as opposed to only fitting into it for a few short months.

Keep in mind that not all brands have the same sizing, so check any sizing charts before clicking “add to cart.”

What Does Your Child Like? 

Another way to make it easier for yourself — and avoid temper tantrums while getting children dressed — is to simply take the child’s preferences into consideration when shopping for them. Maybe they’ve already got a few favorites in their closet you can use as a guiding point. 

If you’ve got an artistic one on your hands, ask them how they feel about tie-dye or other vibrant patterns. If they have a favorite color, that’s also a fabulous starting point. Lastly, when shopping online, you can have your little one sit next to you and offer input. (For very young children, offering a choice between two garments, “Do you like this one or this one” might be easier for them.)

Kurtas for All

When we think of children’s clothing, it’s almost too easy to only think of patterns or fun colors rather than the functionality of their garments. With a few intentional choices, you can make your own life easier and also make sure you get the full use out of your child’s clothing. 

We offer a wide range of designs for all ages, ranging from newborns to 12-year-olds. Browse our selection of children’s apparel today and make sure your child is ready for every step of life. 


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