Lace and Embroidery on Center Stage this Wedding Season

Lace and Embroidery on Center Stage this Wedding Season

Lacework and embroidery can be found in most Indian attire, from sharara suits, Anarkali suits to the exotic salwar kameez. Lacework and forms of embroidery are the trendsetters for weddings this season as they bring in a new look and deliver a form of exquisiteness.

The Indian Salwar Kameez comes in various styles, and lace salwar kameez is among the top-rated attire for women worldwide. Lace is a delicate fabric formed to different designs with embroideries such as silver or golden zari threads, resham threads, floral printed lace, woven lace embellishment like sequins, mirror, stones, cut beads, gota, pearls and lots more.

Embroidered and ornamented laces highlight the beauty of an Indian saree. There are different types of lacework from the lace base, fabrics decorated with lace borders, embroidered with scattered motifs, etc.; they all make a statement. The demure lace saree has a cooling, summery look that makes it perfect on summer sarees in pastel colors.

Here’s Why You Should be Wearing Lace Sarees 

Lacework sarees should be your best bet as it goes from trending in fashion shows to being the highlights of Bollywood movies; it is usually designed either by hand or machines. It is looped, braided, and twisted, which produces the ideal lace, giving out a perfect regal saree look and feel. Satin laces were popular then for their princess-like appeal and lace fabrics in other lustrous and lush fabrics. However, cotton lace gained momentum once cotton came into existence. Lace sarees have a royal touch and were made popular by women of royal families like Maharani Gayatri devi, who paired her dainty lace chiffons with demure pearl strings gained worldwide appreciation. Lacework sarees give off the feeling of exquisite, glamour, and elegance. 


Indian bridal wears, especially North Indian bridal wears, are usually embellished with ornaments making lace the perfect material fit for this occasion. The attachment of ornaments in lace can be placed at the hemlines, sleeves border, dupatta borders, bottom edges, necklines, slits, or anywhere, creating special and stunning patterns with smooth yet edgy touches. Lacework saree is an ideal outfit as an Indian wedding cloth, adorned with quintessential embroideries, rich ornaments, enormous print works and beautiful laces. The lacework has also been worn by celebrities often; it is adorned with all sorts of borders, which is a rage right now.


The Exoticness of Lace Sarees at Weddings 

Weddings are special for people concerned, but most importantly, the bride. Lace sarees carry an aura of grace and elegance; embroidery can accentuate the poise and grace of the saree. Lace sarees come in varieties of designs and patterns that can fit in various occasions. A saree embellished with lacework and embroidery is a perfect fit for a bride on her wedding day or for attendees of a wedding. It gives off its royal aura making the occasion a remarkable event. The white embroidered saree for wedding receptions, cocktail parties and other fun pre-wedding events is popular among brides as they match the occasion perfectly.

Where can you get the best Lace and Embroidered Outfits for this Wedding Season?

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