Look Gorgeous in Yellow on The Fifth Day of Navratri

Look Gorgeous in Yellow on The Fifth Day of Navratri

As the celebration for Navratri is now on its fifth day, this day pays homage to Hindu Goddess Parvati’s (Navdurga) fifth form, Skandamata Devi. The color to showcase on the fifth day is yellow.

Goddess Skandamata and Her Story

Goddess Skandamata is the mother of Lord Kartikeya, also known as the god of war and victory. Skandamata is acknowledged for being caring and kind. It is said that when people and believers pray to her, the amount of blessings and luck they receive will double because of her son, Lord Kartikeya.

As illustrated in the images of Goddess Skandamata, she has four arms and is riding on a lion also called her vahana or vehicle. Her riding the lion displays her courage and power. On one of her arms, she is holding the infant form of her son, Lord Kartikeya who happens to also sit on her lap. 

She holds a lotus on her two other arms which she blesses her devotees using her fourth arm.

Goddess Skandamata’s story is unique and fascinating. According to the legend, a demon giant called Tarkasur once tormented mankind. To please Lord Brahma and have him reward his wish to be immortal, the demon performed austerity and penance. 

However, Lord Brahma declined and refused this boon as he believed no one can and should escape death. Tarkasur knew that after Sati was mortified, Lord Shiva took himself away from the world. The demon thought Shiva would never marry again and tricked Lord Brahma another boon that only Lord Shiva’s son can kill him, upon which Lord Brahma offered the demon. 

The gods were aware of the demon’s trick and so they sought the help of Lord Vishnu. 

Lord Vishnu discovered that Parvati is the reincarnation of Sati, Lord Shiva’s wife. Shiva then married Parvati, and together they conceived their child who grew up to not only be striking but also strong. They called him Kartikeya.

Lord Brahma saw Kartikeya’s physical strength and skills and assigned him as the god’s commander-in-chief. They refer to him as Skanda, which means who attacks. Later on, Kartikeya fulfilled the foresight of him killing the great demon Tarkasur. It was a long battle between the demon and Skanda but the latter emerged victorious in the end. 

The gods adored Parvati and her son, Kartikeya (Skanda). Thus, they addressed her as the mother of her valiant son and acknowledged her as Skandamata.

On the Fifth Day of Navratri, Wear Yellow

With Skandamata’s peace and tranquility, she is worshipped on the fifth day of Navratri.  Devotees and worshippers expect to dilute their impure thoughts with purity to achieve what they aspire, their peace of mind. 

They feel enormous pleasure and harmony in their soul and they wish to remove and cast away all the negativities and anxiety they are experiencing in their lives. They desire to attain divine happiness and joy in the days to come from the Goddess Skandamata.

On the fifth day, worshippers will wear the color yellow. Yellow symbolizes happiness and brightness. Not only is yellow a bright color, but it also gives off a vibe of freshness and cheerfulness to everyone who wears this color on the fifth day celebration of Navratri.

Anarkali in Yellow

With a yellow Anarkali suit, you can look elegant and sophisticated at first glance. All you need now would just be suitable makeup, including lips finished off flawlessly by applying just enough glossiness on top before moving onto another color altogether. Pair it nicely with matching jewelry, so it's complete without any other accessories needed!

Anarkali in Yellow

Lehenga in Yellow

The color yellow never goes out of style. Opt for this bold yellow lehenga for an eye-catching look on the fifth day of Navratri.! It's an outfit that will make you stand out from the crowd no matter where people see you! For something more subtle, add statement earrings and delicate makeup while maintaining elegance. Choose earrings to compliment your hairstyle; only wear subtle makeup because heavy eye shadow and lots of liners just won't do in this case.

Lehenga in Yellow

Straight Suits

Straight Suit in Yellow

You can't go wrong with a bold yellow straight suit. It's an outfit that will make you stand out from the crowd no matter where people see you! They're perfect if you want to shake it off the floor during performances or dance all night long at dandiya nights. Some people call them "chic" because of how comfortable those who wear this garment feel when dancing; pair it up with statement earrings. Hair accessories and pair of high heels, but the key to this style lies in its simplicity- ditch anything heavy!

Straight Suits

Sharara Suits in Yellow 

Get ready to stand out from the crowd in a vibrant yellow sharara suit. This dress is simple and trendy, yet elegant enough for this Navratri! Intricate embroidery on the sleeves and neckline gives it a unique look. Pair it up nicely with statement earrings. You can wear heavy jewelry if you like - just make sure it's not too complicated or overdone so that your outfit doesn't take away attention from its beauty.

Sharara Suits in Yellow

Wrapping Up

This time is a wonderful day to be happy and celebrate the goodness of life. Despite all the negativities and sorrow, the color yellow will remind us that just like the sun, it will shed light and overpower darkness. Similarly how Skandamata's son, Kartikeya (Skanda), defeated the great demon Tarkasur in the long battle. 

Wear and strut your favorite yellow dress on this day. Style it with your gorgeous smile. The fun color yellow is always best paired with your brightest smile. You are guaranteed to feel warm, light and will enjoy celebrating Navratri.

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