Punjabi Wedding: Guide for the Perfect Attire

Punjabi Wedding: Guide for the Perfect Attire

Indian weddings are bold, bright, and beautiful. They also vary wildly depending on the specific heritage of the participants. If you've been invited to a Punjabi wedding, it means you've been invited to enjoy the traditions of Northernwestern India. Sometimes these weddings may also be fused with several Western traditions or might be adapted to appeal to others' sensibilities.

No matter how modernized a wedding becomes, traditional elements always find their way in, and the celebration still acknowledges the happy future of the bride and groom. Punjabi weddings always involve friends, family, and the community coming together to celebrate the newlyweds. For many, it symbolizes a time to embrace traditional apparel.

Dressing for a Punjabi wedding is an exciting time, with richly colored attire available for men and women alike. Below, Lashkaraa has the perfect guide for creating the perfect wedding ensemble. In no time, you'll be able to dazzle as a VIP wedding guest — without upstaging the bride, of course. For brides, we’ll also be highlighting ways to create the perfect outfit for your wedding.

What Makes a Punjabi Wedding Special?

A Punjabi wedding, like all Indian weddings, is a time for lush extravagance and joyful excess. For one of the most joyful celebrations in a person's life, no expense is spared.

Many Western weddings are single-day affairs, with the wedding and reception compacted into one day. The same cannot be said of any traditional Indian wedding. While some may be shortened, many are elaborate celebrations lasting multiple days. This calls for multiple outfits and extensive to-do lists for multiple days of food, dancing, and celebration.

What To Wear (and To Avoid) at the Wedding

At an Indian wedding, traditional apparel is usually going to be expected or encouraged. Still, non-Indian or non-Punjabi guests may instead choose to wear formal wear closer to their own culture. Whatever you wear, you should choose something modest and appropriate for a religious ceremony.

As stated before, a Punjabi wedding may last multiple days. Wearing one outfit for multiple days isn't the end of the world, but looking your best means preparing multiple distinct outfits. Consider one for each day, or possibly even one for each of the different wedding events — if your luggage and budget allow.

As far as colors, there are three to avoid: black, white, and red. White and black are colors of mourning, though an outfit displaying a bit of them with other primary colors is still fine. More seriously, though, it's red that you should avoid at the ceremony itself, as it is a bridal color.

Non-Indian guests may wonder if it would be culturally appropriate or acceptable to wear ethnic apparel. To make this easier and avoid any faux-pas, newlyweds may want to include or forward a message explaining attire and procedure. In short, anyone can wear traditional apparel, as doing so is a further way to celebrate the culture at hand.

To stick closest to specifically Punjabi apparel, the salwar kameez is an explicitly traditional design. Lehenga choli and saree, while culturally different, are also prominent wedding wear across cultures.

Keep in mind that you might need a scarf or other covering. When you enter a house of worship, you could be expected to keep your head covered out of respect and deference to the religious location or ceremony.

Men have a comparatively easy time. A pair of formal kurta pajamas with a vest or sherwani is a beloved wedding standard.

Cream Anarkali With Multicolor Phulkari Dupatta

A layered look with elaborate embellishments and patterns makes for an eye-catching outfit for a wedding. The Cream Anarkali With Multicolor Phulkari Dupatta uses traditional design elements with a modern twist for a more contemporary Anarkali.

The lovely cream-colored Anarkali contrasts well with the other richly colored components of the garment. The flair of the kalidar features thick laces in green, off-white, and shades of red. A pair of green pants serves to ground and enrich the neutral, cream hue of the Anarkali.

The dupatta brings the outfit together and emphasizes the elegant beauty of the garment as a whole. You are sure to catch people's eye at the wedding, thanks to a traditional phulkari style. Phulkari flower work is a centuries-old style of embroidery that has recently experienced a long-overdue renaissance. It's the finishing touch needed to make the Cream Anarkali With Multicolor Phulkari Dupatta an exceptional piece.

Purple Velvet Embroidered Punjabi Suit

This garment signifies a coming-together of culture. The straight silhouette of the Purple Velvet Embroidered Punjabi Suit is undeniably Punjabi in nature. Combine the silhouette with the Kashmir embroidery, and you have a richly detailed outfit.

The kameez is made from rich, elegant purple velvet. Floral motifs in zari and stonework run along the bodice. These motifs are repeated in the cuffs and hem to offer some bright definition to the piece. The satin salwar features metallic embroidery at the hem and complements the kameez's embellishments. Its lighter hue creates an immediate elegant contrast.

A light net dupatta ties the whole piece together. The hem matches the salwar, while a dark velvet edge matches the kameez. The bulk of the dupatta is made from a light, sheer net embroidered with vertical, draping flowers. This keeps the elegant design on full display, no matter how you drape it.

Periwinkle Floral Chanderi Lehenga

Our next piece is perfect for spring and summer nuptials, thanks to a lightweight, airy fabric and lighthearted floral design. Our Periwinkle Floral Chanderi Lehenga is a two-piece garment with an ethereal feel worthy of any celebration.

The garment is made from Chanderi cotton, which takes its name from the town of the same name. Chanderi is a classic among fabrics.

The choli of the garment is simple, allowing the lehenga and dupatta to become the definitive statement pieces in this outfit. Each features a printed pattern of lush-yet-understated flower bouquets, creating the perfect accent for any time nature is blooming. The dupatta matches this spray of flowers, while its sheer nature creates a layer of nuance to the outfit.

For spring and summer weddings or celebrations, the Periwinkle Floral Chanderi Lehenga helps to create a bright, ethereal impression.

Teal Green Embroidered Raw Silk Sherwani

For menswear at a Punjabi wedding, you can't go wrong with a sherwani. This is especially the case when the choice of materials and attention to detail is exquisite. The Teal Green Embroidered Raw Silk Sherwani has a luscious, light-catching yet textured appearance bolstered by the raw silk.

This outfit represents sophistication and style. It’s emboldened by gold-colored accents throughout the green sherwani and golden cream bottoms. The collar features a golden floral motif, which mimics the metallic-colored buttons. A golden embroidered elephant on the left side makes for the final touch of this standout garment.

Light Blue Raw Silk Sherwani

Our next sherwani goes in a different direction, favoring deft, dazzlingly bright colors. Golden buttons complement the light blue sherwani with a mirror sheen. A more matte, golden-cream rayon kurta and bottoms balance out the brilliance of the top and bring this outfit together. Both rayon and silk are gently reflective materials that add an enchanting shine.

These fibers bring a fresh brightness that shines through the colors of this ensemble. Incidentally, its bright colors make it an excellent pairing piece to make a matching couple's outfit. It can go perfectly with pastel colors or dark saturated alike. The Light Blue Raw Silk Sherwani will surely make an impression at weddings and any other festivals or parties you attend.

Soft Pink and Mint Dhoti Style Punjabi Suit

With our last offering on this list, we provide a chic and elegant answer to fancy parties, receptions, and more. Our Soft Pink and Mint Dhoti Style Punjabi Suit impresses with a modest fit and intricate embroidery.

The upper portion of the peplum is framed to be figure-flattering with pink and mint embroidery in floral arrangements. A line of zari shows off a high waist, which gives way to an even more elaborate design below. Diagonal, latticed work covers the top with vibrant sprays of flowers. The end result resembles beautiful flora growing along a garden lattice.

This artwork of embroidery is also applied in small blooms along the sheer sleeves, culminating in a light, elegant fringe at the cuffs. A simple santoon salwar provides a perfect contrast and prevents the outfit from overwhelming your audience.

The net mint dupatta is the final design element. Zig-zagging embroidery, with flowers peeking out, creates a gentle and elegant finishing touch. As far as pieces to end on, this makes a perfect last wedding attire idea.

Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Outfit

Traditional Punjabi fashion offers countless ways to impress, and there's no better time to indulge than at a wedding. With Lashkaraa, apparel from the entire Indian subcontinent is made accessible to men and women across all continents.

Each piece is handmade in India and hand-checked to reach the pinnacle of authenticity and quality. You'll be sure to dazzle at your next wedding celebration.


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