Collection: Sherwani Sets for Men

Formal, elegant clothing need not be hard to find. The traditional sherwani for men is an elegant garment perfect for formal events such as weddings. The sherwani gives its wearer more choices in color, styles, patterns, and overall design. In fact, it can be made to be bejeweled and ornate.

Dating its lineage as a traditional Indian garment, the sherwani is a long coat that usually reaches the wearer’s knees. It is commonly paired and worn over a kurta – a collarless shirt with a loose fit. 

Underneath the sherwani, one may wear fitted pants, but wearing jodhpur pants is much better. Indian men usually wear churidar pyjamas, a variant of tight-fitting shalwar pants, underneath the sherwani.

Events Best for Sherwani

Sherwani is commonly worn for formal events like weddings, parties, and other formal gatherings. South Asia, especially India, has many cultural festivities yearly, and many of these are celebrated lavishly. 

Indian men will likely spend generously picking their sherwani to mark a special occasion. Some would even choose sherwanis with intricate designs and embellishments, rendering a bejeweled and spectacular sherwani. 

Even India’s male Bollywood stars have worn the sherwani in movies and on special occasions. While the use of Kurta pyjama and Western suits are also increasingly becoming widespread, many men in South Asia continue to wear the sherwani for once-in-a-lifetime events such as one’s wedding day.

Choosing a Sherwani

Numerous innovations in clothes manufacturing have enabled designers to experiment with diverse sherwani designs with the utmost consideration for fabric and dye quality. 

Most embroidered sherwanis have zari work or similar elegant thread composition. Rich colors also add elegance to the overall appearance of the sherwani. Georgette, cotton, silk, crepe, brocade, and synthetic polyester, and silk are some of the common materials used. 

Choosing a material is also essential as purchasing a sherwani can be treated as an investment. Lashkaraa offers many colors, forms, and designs of sherwanis. 

Matching these sherwanis with the correct garments underneath and the proper footwear is easy as most photos have suggested other items of clothing and footwear for one to take inspiration from.

At Lashkaraa, we have several sherwani sets for men available. Each one is designed to provide men with the elegance and sophistication that’s fit for any occasion. 

From formal events like weddings to festive occasions like cultural festivals, we have you covered. So, attend events with grace and style with one of our sherwani sets today.