Top 10 Bridal Jewelry Trends 2019: A Quick Guide To Shopping Your Wedding Accessories

Top 10 Bridal Jewelry Trends 2019: A Quick Guide To Shopping Your Wedding Accessories

Jewelry is an important component of bridal wear. While most people think that the bridal dress is most important, the jewelry is the actual deal breaker. Jewelry of the bride showcases her sense of style, personality, complements her attire, adds the touch of luxury, and creates the ensemble that she will cherish all her life. The perfect jewelry adds to her feminine allure and gives her the queenly feel on her big day. If you are a bride-to-be and looking for the perfect wedding earrings, a necklace set, and other wedding accessories online, then here is a list of few wedding jewelry trends to consider. Fashion is constantly evolving, and trends keep coming and going. What your sister wore at her wedding 5 years ago, may not be in trend anymore. So, if you are a bride who wants to flaunt her fashion game on her big day, it’s important your ensemble is in alignment with today’s trends. There are a few old trends that are still in and there are a few fresh ones.

1.Heirloom jewelry

While the trends tell you to invest in something new, but there is nothing like sporting an heirloom jewel on your big day. Heirloom jewelry is any piece of ornament that has been passed on to generations in your family. It could be anything from ladies’ earrings, necklaces for women, rani haar, an opulent ring from your grandmother or anklets. This is probably the most loved jewel of your family and it will serve as a beautiful memory to you as you make the new beginning. Heirloom jewels are luxury that our ancestors experienced, and these can stand the test of time and tradition. This can be your statement ornament of your ensemble that will make you outshine.

Heirloom jewelry

2.Antique Temple Jewelry

This typical south Indian style of jewelry is the new rage all over India. The traditional temple jewelry finished with an antique look is in vogue especially among the brides. This kind of jewelry was used to adorn the idols of deities in temples. This ancient type of jewelry is a part of India’s rich cultural heritage and is usually designed with beads or intricate filigree. Each piece of jewelry is an artwork and painstaking efforts of crafters, featuring images of goddesses and other deities. This kind of jewelry looks classy with wedding sarees.

Antique temple jewelry

3.Contemporary Style Haathphool

Hathphool is a common wedding accessory among Indian brides. However, the traditional gold hathphool are out of fashion. A completely new trend of new-age style hathphool, intricately designed with kundan and pearl, is the hottest trend to not miss out on. These statement haathphool are sure to add a bold and edgier look to the bride’s personality. They are perfect for someone who loves to experiment and doesn’t mind deviating from age-old traditions.

Contemporary Style Haathphool


Maathapatti is back in trend. This is the elaborate form of headpiece with string on each side. Inspired from the times of ranis and maharanis, this piece of jewelry is simply exquisite and can make any bride feel like an ethereal princess. The newest in maathapatti are multi-strand maathapatti, the kinds Sonam Kapoor flaunted on her wedding day. This hair accessory is extremely gorgeous and gives a vintage appeal to the bride’s ensemble. Maathapattis with small ghungroos is a must-try trend, too.



Among other kinds of headpieces, Jhoomers or passas are trendy too. Its an exquisite piece of jewelry that adds to the bride’s look. Its stylish and classy and its ornate designs render regal look to the bride. They come in a variety of styles with unique colors of beads and ghungroos to complement the dress perfectly.



A nath plays a significant role in the bride’s ensemble. This piece of small jewelry does not only add a royal touch to her D-Day look but also elevates the beauty of her facial features. If you were thinking of skipping this one, then please note they are an absolute essential on your wedding day for that mesmerizing look. You don’t need to worry about piercing. Even the prettiest naths are now available in clip-on style and they can make or break your bridal look. You have a plethora of designs to choose from. From a dainty nose ring to an elaborate one with a bunch of pearls, there is one for every type of bride. Also, the latest fad is floral-designed nose rings.


7.Choker necklace

Among many types of necklaces for women, Chokers are essential to Indian jewelry. These age-old, traditional style of neck pieces are worn close to the neck and is pure elegance. Its resplendent charm and meticulously created designs are a reminder of Indians’ love for lavish things. You can simply pair a statement choker with stylish earrings for a complete look. It’s minimal yet flamboyant.


Kamarbandh or waistband is back in fashion. A studded kamarbandh paired with your bridal attire adds a scintillating appeal that is sure to attract attention. It goes with most of the Indian traditional outfit and wedding accessories. The latest design popular among modern brides is multilayered kamarbandh. These are delicate in their appeal and will take your fashion game several notches up.


9.Bold Jhumkas

if you are looking for perfect earrings design to go with your outfit, then you can search for jhumka earrings online for ideas. These are an eternal favorite among the brides for their wedding earrings and they look gorgeous with all kinds of outfits and accessories. Jhumkas will never disappoint you. Bold chandelier jhumkas or dangler jhumkas are some latest earrings style for the brides.

10.Back Necklaces

Another trend to look out for in wedding accessories 2019 is back necklaces. This is for the modern bride who wants to make a statement on her wedding day. Ditch regular necklaces for women and create a dramatic look with this new trend. Inspired by western fashion, this looks amazing with open back dresses. The dainty trinkets dangling on your back will create an unconventional and chic look.


Back Necklaces

These are a few latest wedding jewelry trends to consider before you start shopping the wedding accessories online or in a mall. These trends will definitely make you look like a stylish bride with a great fashion sense.

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