How To Wear Sarees To Look Slim: Ten Styling Tips

How To Wear Sarees To Look Slim: Ten Styling Tips

There are countless pieces of traditional ethnic apparel, but few can affect or improve the figure like the saree. This figure-hugging garment provides coverage while shaping the body. It's the reason why sarees continue to receive the acclaim they do — beyond boundless style, they also do well by the women who wear them.

Still, you can't just put on a saree and expect instant results. The impression you give has everything to do with the way you style your garments. Thankfully, Lashkaraa has collected several of these styling tips to help you look your best this summer and every season to follow.

Tip 1. Color Matters

The first consideration to make with your saree is the color. This will directly impact your appearance. Few other fashion tips have become more well known than the fact that black is slimming. Look no further than our Black Floral Organza Pant Style Saree to try this out.

The sweetheart neckline highlights the elegant golden honeycomb pattern throughout the bodice. Black pants slim the appearance of the legs, and a gauzy, decorated pallu helps frame the body. A complex array of floral embellishments on the sheer fabric create an elegant drape befitting a saree. Through its nontraditional shape, this particular saree makes for a contemporary piece suitable for many occasions.

Black isn't the only color to look for. Dark colors, in general, are slimming, including rich purples, greens, and reds. On the other hand, white shows off all aspects of your figure and can make it more difficult to create slimming effects.

Tip 2. The Material Makes the Fit

The material of your garment is another important factor when aiming to create different effects through your apparel. It influences the way the garment molds to your body, as well as the way it looks in different lighting.

Thin, lightweight fabrics such as silk have a slimming effect as the material lays closer to the body. The Marigold Floral Georgette is an example of one of our favorite slimming fabrics, georgette.

Georgette has a natural tendency to stick closely to the body without the extreme tightness of some synthetic fibers. The natural crimp of the fabric also serves to create an elegant drape that suggests a slender frame.

In the case of the Marigold Floral Georgette, a floral pattern throughout helps to form the figure. The pattern running up the dress creates the impression of length, which we will touch on later.

The piece also has gently fitted sheer sleeves that end just below the elbow. This gives ample opportunity to style your outfit with your favorite accessories.

Tip 3. Draw Attention Where It Matters

All bodies are different and beautiful. However, sometimes we don’t feel as confident about all the parts of our body as we would like to. In these cases, you can dress boldly and use different techniques to draw the eye to other features you do want to highlight.

For example, the black saree from before would naturally draw attention to the legs, thanks to the shape of the pants. If you wanted to draw attention away from your midsection, you could wear a pair of statement heels. These would naturally shape your legs to provide a different type of silhouette.

Tip 4. Vertical Over Horizontal

Vertical lines have a slimming effect on the torso. The lines of a garment, both in shape and detail, will inform people's perception of it. Thankfully, many sarees have elegant embroidery which can serve this exact purpose.

To take advantage of this effect, look for a garment with a bottom or blouse that features embroidery that moves vertically. Scattered or elaborately detailed patterns may have a neutral effect, whereas horizontal patterns can make you look wider than you want to appear.

Tip 5. Perfect the Drape

There are numerous ways to drape your saree. Considering the above tips, you can use this drape in order to shape your silhouette as needed.

For example, a dark-colored pallu can be used to keep the covered portions of the figure looking trim. A pallu can be used to hide or deftly reveal parts of your frame, depending on your preference. You can drape it vertically or diagonally to elongate your figure while also drawing attention to it.

In short, your pallu can be draped to utilize any of the tips we've already had on this list! As an essential part of any saree, it cannot be ignored. You might as well use it in your favor.

Tip 6. Carry Yourself Confidently

When it comes to style, self-confidence matters a lot. Many of us have encountered people in life who we found dazzling, not because they were the most attractive, but because they had such strong self-confidence.

On the other hand, we've all known wonderfully talented, beautiful, or blessed people who fundamentally lack faith in themselves. At events, they don't seem to shine as brightly as we know they could.

Confidence is the issue in both of these cases. When someone glows with genuine self-love, others get caught up in that positive shine. They see all the attractiveness that person sees in themselves. Being confident won't necessarily make you look slimmer. It can, however, help people focus on other positive traits of yours.

Self-confidence cannot be simply taught the way that a black saree can be purchased. It's something that has to be worked on every single day. Try to accept yourself as you are, embrace all of yourself, and put effort into expressing your style. People will notice.

Tip 7. Undergarments

Shapewear is the saving grace of many. In fact, shapewear has been helping humanity dress for thousands of years. To perfect a given look, the undergarments you wear undeniably influence the way your clothes fit you. This can include tights, as well as numerous other pieces.

If you choose to wear torso-hugging shapewear, hunt for a saree that covers your midsection. Otherwise, choose flattering pieces that won't create a strong line in your garment.

Tip 8. The Direction of the Outfit

This tip again reflects back on the use of vertical lines in fashion. Here you are looking at the lines of your garments to cultivate a slimmer appearance. For example, using the shapes and lines of your neckline and hem to highlight different parts of your body or take attention away from others. For our first example, see our Dusty Purple Sequins Embroidered Saree.

The piece offers a slimming impression with dark purple hues and a shimmering blouse. The blouse uses the long simple lines of its V-neck to elongate the neck and upper body.

Further length is added thanks to the elaborate thread-work and sequin combination on the saree. The shimmering combination draws the eyes diagonally upward, following the drape. This elevates the upper body and helps you seem taller and slimmer.

You can apply these same ideas to other parts of your apparel as well. Wearing pointed shoes over rounded ones can create directionality in your footwear. The end result is the same regardless: A body positively shaped by a sense of motion.

Tip 9. Choose a Thin Border

The border of a saree marks a point for designers to showcase their skill with elaborate embellishments. However, the border also has the job of framing your body. A thick saree border may make you appear heavier than you want.

To avoid this, find a saree with a thin or medium-thick border. It will result in a closer, more representative fit of your body.

Tip 10. Define Your Shape

Many take slimming fashion to be a method of hiding the body when the exact opposite is true. Slimming fashion should provide a more stylized shape instead of hiding you behind shapeless garments. You can use a variety of ways to define the shape of your body.

The first is the nature of your saree drape and pleats. Pinning it in a particular way can draw attention in a positive way.

Many sarees also have belted waists. A belt can add more definition to your frame and highlight the slimmest part of your torso. Depending on where the belt is, you can control the impression your figure gives. For example, a well-placed belt can offer the presentation of a classic hourglass figure.

Staying Slim in Your Saree

With these ten easy suggestions, anyone can use their apparel to slim their appearance. With major festivals and warm-weather celebrations around the corner, there is no better time to prepare your look.

Looking slim doesn't take countless hours of preparation or extensive tricks to make you feel uncomfortable. With a little conscientious dressing, you can turn any apparel set into one that flatters you as you deserve.

Lashkaraa seeks to provide comfortable, authentic ethnic apparel to help you stun and look your best for any occasion. We are all beautiful, and Lashkaraa is here to help you show it with hundreds of garments and accessories to choose from to suit your body's needs.


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