What To Wear to a Punjabi Wedding as a Guest

What To Wear to a Punjabi Wedding as a Guest

India is a nation filled with rich traditions that can vary depending on the region. It's safe to say that many, even those outside of Indian culture, know the basics of etiquette at a wedding. That is to say, one should dress modestly, and even those who aren't Indian are encouraged to dress traditionally.

The richness of Indian culture can sometimes complicate wedding matters. Different parts of India have varying traditions when it comes to dressing and weddings.

However, the one universal tradition of Indian weddings is that extravagance, luxury, and joy are on full display. A recent wedding of two tycoons' children was estimated to cost 100 million dollars. Though few weddings are even fractionally this expensive, it gives an idea of the magnificence and importance these days hold for families. If you have been invited to a Punjabi wedding, Lashkaraa can help you know what to wear with this dress guide for this exciting event.

Things To Do at a Punjabi Wedding

Before the wedding, you should learn about the soon-to-be-newlyweds' faith and the type of ceremonies performed. The predominant religions of the Punjab region are Islam, Hinduism, and Sikhism, the last of which actually originated in Punjab.

During the wedding, you will be an observer as much as a participant. It can still be helpful to be aware of what is going on and its overarching spiritual significance. It can also help inform the way you dress. For example, many Sikh wedding ceremonies are performed seated on the ground, so you'll want to be sure to wear comfortable clothes.

It is also essential to be aware of faith due to the extent of Indian wedding ceremonies. Though some contemporary weddings are shortened, many are multi-day affairs. This calls for multiple outfits across the various ceremonies and celebrations, as well as planning out your time.

Lastly, even if you decide against traditional apparel, you will need a head covering for parts of a traditional wedding. Many women use their dupattas as a head covering or bring a long scarf for this purpose.

These form the basics of what you should do to prepare for a wedding. The next step is to actually determine the outfit or outfits you'll be wearing.

Wedding Outfit Ideas

For the wedding, women most commonly wear Punjabi suits, salwar kameez, or lehenga choli. Men most commonly wear kurta pajamas layered with a coat, jacket, or vest. Sherwanis have also become popular for guests in general. The apparel we discuss below will all fall into these categories.

Mint and Pink Anarkali Style Punjabi Suit

We start our list of wedding ideas with lighthearted pastels, perfect for days of celebration and joy. The Mint and Pink Anarkali Style Punjabi Suit embraces the classic form of the suit while offering contemporary embellishments and highlights. Sheer sleeves show off detailed embellishments which begin at the elbow and continue to the cuff.

The bodice of the pishwas is layered with two motifs. The first motif is a simple chevron-shaped jaal that covers most of the bodice, allowing the whole piece to shine. The second motif draws attention to the front of the pishwas with elaborate embroidery that runs from the neckline to the waist.

At the waist, delicate pearls of embroidery travel down the skirt and become a more complex paisley motif that reaches full effect at the hem. The edge of the hem contrasts with the mint body and reflects in the other elements of the suit.

The pink silk salwar is fairly unadorned, draping elegantly while giving structure at the ankles. The matching organza dupatta, meanwhile, features embroidered bail and silver gota running throughout.

The use of mint and pink pastels throughout gives the piece a delicate allure. This makes it the perfect companion to warm-weather weddings and festivals alike.

Light Green Embroidered Silk Punjabi Suit

The drape, embroidery, and use of color in the previous Punjabi suit embraced the contemporary style. Our next piece embraces a more traditional look with robust, though simpler colors and equally complex embroidery. The Light Green Embroidered Silk Punjabi Suit is immediately noticeable due to its bright color, flattering shape, and detailed embroidery.

The neckline, hem, and sleeves feature a complex geometric pattern in tilla and dabka work. Two straight lines of embroidery run from the inside of the shoulder to create a slim figure. Meanwhile, fringe dripping in pearl, jade, rose, and metallic bronze offers a bright pop of contrasting color. This hem work is visible on both the silk shirt and the khari salwar.

A white organza dupatta allows the bold color of the suit to speak for itself. A hem with multicolored patterns matches the hem of the suit to complete the look.

Yellow Printed Nehru Jacket and Drape Style Kurta Set

The asymmetry of the Yellow Printed Nehru Jacket and Drape Style Kurta Set creates a standout appearance at any wedding. The light floral pattern and white buttons of the jacket highlight the vibrant yellow of the silk jacket.

The jacket is supported by a white rayon top and white silk bottoms. The fabrics allow for a sleek, bright look that allows the jacket to be the star of the outfit.

Wearing all white or all black to an Indian wedding is poor form due to their association with death and infertility. The splash of yellow afforded by the jacket completely changes this association, instead highlighting itself in bold contrast. Our next piece provides another example of bold contrasting colors creating an effective outfit.

Off White and Orange Muslin Satin Punjabi Suit

Dark and light mix to great success in our Off White and Orange Muslin Satin Punjabi Suit. The off-white muslin satin shirt provides a very striking contrast to the vibrant orange embellishments. Paisley motifs run along the chest, sleeves, and down the sides of the garment and end in a multilayered tassel fringe which delivers added complexity.

Tulip ankles create a delicate flair and call attention to your footwear. This is an opportunity to accent your outfit in an unexpected way with standout shoes or foot jewelry. Meanwhile, the dupatta features a gradient shift from off-white to orange that slowly reveals a diamond-like pattern.

This highlights the ingenious blending and balancing of colors in this ensemble. It is the perfect way to make a statement without overshadowing the stars of the celebration.

Powder Blue Embroidered Georgette Sharara Suit

Our last several offerings used bold, bright colors in the joyous celebration of the occasion. We now invite you to consider cool, soothing colors to bring out an understated elegance. The Powder Blue Embroidered Georgette Sharara Suit comes courtesy of Lashkaraa's "Rooh of Punjab – Vol 1" collection. It aspires to capture the essence and spirit of traditional Punjabi attire in all its ecstasy and beauty.

A sleeveless georgette kameez is simple yet stunning with dabka and sitara embroidery. The embroidery creates a defining border along the neckline and then falls down the body to create a richly detailed hem. Larger embroidery adds dimensions and elegance to the legs of the sharara pants.

This attention to detail is further matched by the dupatta, which takes a minimalist approach to complement the garment’s simple charm. The embroidery of the dupatta comes in small, sequestered splashes, creating bursts of reflective beauty. This is completed by a delicate hem with tassels in the corners.

The detailed appearance of the Powder Blue Embroidered Georgette Sharara Suit allows it to function well with minimal jewelry. Choose a few favorite pieces for your neck, head, and wrists, and let the suit do the rest.

Mint Multicolor Dhoti Style Set and Multicolor Printed Dhoti Style Punjabi Suit

The Mint Multicolor Dhoti Style Set is a menswear garment with a matching Punjabi suit for women. Here, a printed multicolored kurta is paired with a crepe mint salwar. Crepe allows for an elegant, puckering drape that contrasts with the gentle flow of the dhupioni silk shirt.

The Punjabi suit is also a two-piece garment. An embroidered hem adds a bit of shimmer to the peplum. The crepe salwar also features a tulip pattern at the ankle. The mint dupatta features a zig-zag multicolor pattern which is repeated on the top. It also highlights tonal embroidery, which creates a more complicated design.

Each piece is perfect for bringing a warm figure to a wedding. For jewelry, match the light-colored hem with silver or white gold. Choose pieces with minimal color that match the red, blue, and mint of these outfits.

All the pieces presented in this list are specially crafted in India and examined by hand to ensure quality. From every embroidered thread to every dangling tassel, every factor is accounted for to meet our exhaustive standards.

Choosing What To Wear

Ultimately, your attire won't be the most important outfit at a wedding. That special distinction belongs to the bride and groom. However, the listings we've given provide wonderful ways to embrace Punjabi dress, whether visiting or revisiting it. For Indian weddings of all types, Lashkaraa provides dedicated, luxurious, traditional apparel.


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