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Our Latest Georgette Sarees

Nothing denotes elegance like a georgette saree. Draping from shoulders to the feet, sarees can have intricately designed textures, folds, and other features.

Sarees are long flowy garments widely used on many occasions, making them a wardrobe staple for many women in the Indian subcontinent. The saree is usually wrapped along the waistline and drapes downward with one end placed over the shoulder.

Sarees are traditionally worn by Indian women and are made of many types of fabrics. Because of India’s many cultural festivities, the use of sarees is a must as many of these festivals are celebrated lavishly. Among all types of fabrics, georgette fabric is by far the most popular fabric used in making sarees. Modern clothes-making techniques have allowed designers to experiment with various prints and designs for sarees. 

Georgette fabrics, despite their lightweight and sheer-like texture, are versatile enough to support dyes, prints, and other embellishments without diminishing their durability. Being light and tear-resistant has also made the demand for georgette sarees remain high. 

 Lashkaraa Georgette Sarees

Our georgette sarees come in many forms, styles, and designs. Plain pure georgette sarees exude class and simplicity and can be worn casually or on formal occasions. Most of our sarees are colored with quality dye. Currently, pastel colors are regarded as trendy and we have a collection of pastel-colored sarees available for women that want to stand out.

Embellished sarees, on the other hand, have a traditional aura. Our embellished sarees are perfect for festivals and weddings. Some are made heavy-like and are laid with mesmerizing ornaments. Whether you want little or color-blocked embellishments, Lashkaraa has you covered.

Printed georgette sarees are now easy to make thanks to modern machinery. Prints come in spectacular designs that make them stand out or be trendy. In our collection, we have the pink floral prints, which are currently popular, along with polka dot prints, plant-themed prints, and other similar themes.

Aside from georgette, we also use other materials to make our sarees including chiffon, satin, and velvet. Choosing a material that best suits your taste is also important as purchasing a saree is best viewed as an investment. Matching these with the right accessories is also recommended.