Collection: Silk Salwar Suits

Without a doubt, traditional Indian fashion is very eye-catching and elegant. More people are trying on Indian fashion worldwide, be it the kurta or the saree, the achkan or the lehenga choli.

With that said, one of the all-time favorite ensembles in traditional Indian attire is the salwar suit. This ensemble consists of a salwar or a churidar matched with a kurta. Most of the time, a dupatta completes the ensemble.

Wearing a silk salwar suit is the perfect way to look elegant and sophisticated, regardless of the occasion. 

The Salwar Suit

The salwar is a loose pantaloon that is tied at the waist and is tight around the ankles. The churidar is a more form-fitting bottom tied around the waist, has a loose or tight top, and tight around the lower leg. A good churidar has plenty of gathers around the ankle.

Meanwhile, the dupatta is a light covering that is used over the kurta. It can be used to cover the head or is lightly draped around the upper body. It can also be worn like a stole or lightly draped over the shoulders and hanging loose at the back.


The kurta is typically decorated with motifs using either chikan or zardozi. Chikan is the fine art of intricate embroidery usually done in white thread on lightweight white or off-white material like chiffon or silk. 

The chikan work of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh in India is deemed to be the best, known as Lucknowi chikan. The fashion demands now even allow chikan to be done on differently colored materials and using colored thread.

On the other hand, Zardozi is the art of heavy embroidery using gold and silver thread. Sometimes zardozi also uses pearls, beads, and precious stones. Zardozi comes from two Persian words: zar—which means gold and dozi—which means sewing.

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