How To Select Best Traditional Dress According To Your Body Shape?

How To Select Best Traditional Dress According To Your Body Shape?

Although women are the most exquisite works of God, a little encouragement to improve that beautiful frame may be obtained easily by wearing the correct size dresses. The most essential component of a woman's wardrobe is her clothing. The internet has provided an ideal platform for people who love to dress up.

Clothes shopping has gotten a lot easier since it has gone online. It has given customers the power to choose from a variety of styles at the click of a button. When buying Indian dresses like salwar kameez, sarees, lehenga, and Anarkali gowns, body shape is an important consideration. The clothes selection should depend a lot on your body shape or it can make you look fat or skinny or simply not so good.

Traditional Dresses for Different Body Shapes

When looking to buy ethnic outfits, it is necessary to give priority to certain things, in order to get costumes that look good and feel magnificent. Wearing attires that fit you properly with absolute comfort will flatter your appearance and you'd look stunning and gorgeous. 

Traditional clothing is typically feared by many women, who think it will make them appear bulkier or older. To make things easier, here is our guide for picking the right traditional ethnic wear for your body shape.

For Apple Shaped Body Type

Heavy on top and slender below is how one would define this shape. Flowing silks and loose cotton tailored in simplistic designs are extremely encouraged as are fabrics that skim the apple shape well. Better to avoid tight, clingy fabrics as they will only expose your unwanted flaws.

Apple Shaped Body Type

Dresses for Apple Shaped Figure

Dark colors and small patterns are the way to go. Avoid pockets, pleats, and anything that bunches up at the waistband (like the Anarkali suits or frock style kurtas)- that's the last thing anyone with an apple shape wants to have! 

Punjabi Suit for Apple Shaped body

The apple-shaped body type women would look best in Punjabi suits or churidar suits (with straight kurtas that are not very long). Since they have an angular structure beneath the chest and a full hemline along the bottom, they help to minimize the overall appearance of the waist

For Pear-Shaped Body Type

An apple body form is the most prevalent female form, with a heavier bottom half than the top. Pears are advised to wear long, flowing outfits that accentuate the slender waist and barely their hips. Not only are these styles flattering on pear shapes, but they also make you look taller and slimmer. The key to going traditional for this body type is to draw attention to your slender waist and upper torso.

Pear Shaped Body type

Dresses for Pear Shaped Figure

Wear Floor Length Anarkali Suits, as they are narrow on top and flared at the bottom, so as to hide your bulky half. Try wearing suits that make the first half look more proportionate in comparison to the lower half. Your overall appearance would benefit from the use of different types of lines, patterns, and shapes.

Floor length Anarkali

Avoid bulk and texture by wearing fabric designer sarees such as Georgette or pure chiffon. Finally, clothes that draw the eye to your upper body, such as Kurtis with designer stitching or big prints at the top and wider necklines, will make you appear more attractive and beautiful.

For Hourglass Shaped Body

If you have an hourglass-shaped body, it means a corresponding figure, then you can carry any traditional dress with great panache. If you have this shape, you are fortunate since it is one that most females desire. A defined waist, curved hips, appropriately shaped legs, and a rounded butt are hallmarks of the hourglass-shaped body. Belts, wrap tops and anything that suits your shirtwaist will assist to accentuate your attributes.

Hourglass shaped body

Dresses for Hourglass Shape Figure

Avoid wearing clothing that is too tight or baggy, since this will only dwarf your sound figure. Women with an hourglass shape can also opt to play around with colors, mixing pastels with sombre tones.

Hourglass shaped body Dress

You can safely opt for a ruched Traditional blouse or a heavily embroidered long jacket over your Lehenga or Traditional ethnic wears to add a little sound to your body. In order to look more charming and gorgeous, add a pair of classy heels to your ethnic wear, as it will add more height to your figure and style to your outfit.

For Rectangular Shaped Body or Straight Shaped Body

It's your time to show off your long torso, toned stomach, and well-defined arms. Athletic figure women have rectangular-shaped bodies. Women like this do not put on weight easily, so they are less concerned about their clothing and wardrobe choices. They can flaunt full gowns, floor-length Anarkalis, and strappy Kurtis. Encrusted attire suits them better and brings out the best of their features. Their body is naturally perfect and looks even from head to toe.

Rectangle Shaped body

Dresses for Rectangle Body Figures

Since there is not any convenient feature that you can give importance to it, you can easily opt to wear almost anything and everything. However, the perfect option would be to go for a fitted floor-length Anarkali Suit, as it will give an image of a curvaceous lower body.

Floor Legth Anarkali

Feminine Top: The ruffles and wispy sleeves works miracles for rectangular body types as it adds loudness to the bust and shoulder areas, thus making the waist area look smaller comparatively. Strappy Kurtis and designer Salwar Kameez will also help you to look more beautiful and stunning as they will contribute to highlighting your shoulders.

For Triangular Shaped Body

A triangle body type is associated with a very lean torso, with the remainder of the body improving toward the hips. The waist isn't as definitively curvy as an actual hourglass-shaped, but will be smaller in measurement and has a noticeable dip. For a triangle-shaped woman to modify into an hourglass, she must be successful at creating a more dramatic difference between her bust, waist, and hip area.

Triangle Shaped Body Type

Dresses for Triangle Shaped Figure

It's a pretty easy style to pull together: wear a salwar kameez with heavy embroideries around the chest and shoulders, or a top with a tailored waist.

Triangle shaped body Dress Example

Tailored Jacket: The perfect option is to go for a custom-fit jacket that will accentuate your personality by covering your individual areas. A structured jacket will emphasize your shoulders and thus will even out the lower body's symmetries. Gorgeousness and soberness are guaranteed now, that you've nailed the art of dressing for your body shape.

So, hope this fashion guide was an eye-opener and will help you to have your wardrobe filled with stylish ethnic clothes that will make you look your fashionable best as per your body shape and accentuate your assets. You are welcome to come and see our collection of Indian apparel, which is ideal for every body type.

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